Ilderton Ofsted 2015 Summary

The executive headteacher and head of school have created a culture of inclusion, commitment and success for all. The school is expert in removing any barriers to pupils’ achievement and personal development. High expectations impact enormously on parents’ and pupils’ aspirations for the future. All appreciate the importance of education and working as hard as possible to secure success now and for the future and are extremely proud of the school.

  • Collaboration at every level is at the heart of the federation’s work. Leaders and staff work together, in school and across schools, to secure excellence. Professional development and training are shared to secure outstanding teaching and pupil achievement.
  • The curriculum enriches pupils’ learning. It provides memorable and enjoyable experiences. Pupils learn at a fast rate. They develop into mature and responsible individuals who have enormous respect and tolerance for each other and for those who may be different in any way, including those with different faiths and beliefs. The curriculum promotes their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development remarkably well. Pupils’ behaviour is exemplary.
  • All pupils achieve exceptionally well in reading, writing and mathematics. Disadvantaged pupils make outstanding progress, often outperforming all pupils in the school and all pupils nationally.
  • Likewise, disabled pupils and those with special educational needs and the most able pupils make at least the same progress as all other pupils and often better. This is because teachers systematically build on what pupils already know and can do, and leaders methodically and regularly check pupil progress, implementing successful strategies to boost progress to make all pupils achieve their full potential.
  • By the time pupils leave in Year 6, they are fully prepared for their next stage, educationally and personally. Their attainment in English and mathematics is significantly above average. Nonetheless, some pupils do not always present their handwriting well enough. The school is aware of this.
  • Pupils feel safe and are kept safe. Pupils’ welfare is paramount.
  • Governors have been instrumental in making sure that the school improves at a fast pace. They are exceptionally supportive and challenge leaders rigorously.
  • The early years provision is outstanding. Children make rapid progress in all areas of learning. Activities capture their interest and imagination. This develops a love of learning.

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