Welcome to the Mayflower Federation

I am very pleased to welcome you to Mayflower Federation: Phoenix and Ilderton Primary School. This website has been put together to give you a picture of what our schools have to offer you and your child. It is such a pleasure to have been instrumental in leading a team of talented staff.  All staff have much dedication to provide every child with a world-class primary education.

Mayflower Federation schools want to create a learning environment that is exciting, challenging, safe and happy. We want to unlock the potential of every child to help them to achieve both in their learning, and as they grow into young people. We pride ourselves on being friendly, welcoming schools. Our classrooms are filled with books, resources and creative displays to promote high quality learning to support children in their lessons.

We recognise the importance of developing all the abilities of the children, and offer many opportunities for them to take part in additional activities. Teachers and staff aim to support children through a broad and balanced curriculum that targets basic skills as well as depth of knowledge and understanding across a wide range of themes and contexts. Lessons are planned to be interactive and engaging to promote children’s independent learning skills as well as working cohesively and collaboratively.

Our schools strive to promote an ethos of community, mutual respect, pride, creativity and ambition. This aims to develop open-minded, flexible and resilient individuals with the skills and attitudes to be successful in modern Britain.

I look forward to welcoming you at one of our schools.

Mr Assig

Executive Headteacher