Phoenix Primary School was judged to be Outstanding in all areas in July 2015. Since then, the school continues to strive for improvement in order to ensure that all children who enter through the school have the best learning experiences that provide them with a rich education that prepares them for secondary school and beyond.

Below is a summary of from the school’s latest Ofsted Inspection Report.

  • Outstanding leadership at all levels maintains an unrelenting focus on improving the quality of teaching and learning at the school. As a result, all groups of pupils achieve exceptionally well.
  • The continuous drive for improvement, together with focused support and challenge for teachers and support staff, means that teaching is outstanding. Exceptionally strong middle leaders working across the Mayflower Federation, together with excellent professional development, ensure teaching is of a consistently high quality.
  • A real strength of the teaching is the support of teaching assistants. They work with teachers very effectively and enhance pupils’ learning right across the school.
  • Governors are ambitious and challenge leaders to maintain and build on the very strong outcomes as well as meeting the specific needs of the community that the school serves.
  • Pupils’ behaviour is impeccable. They are unfailingly polite and courteous to visitors and work and play together exceptionally well. In lessons, pupils work hard and enjoy their learning. They cooperate exceptionally well when working on all types of activities as well as when moving around the school buildings. Pupils are rightly very proud of the standard of their work.
  • The curriculum provides pupils with a range of opportunities and experiences where they can develop their skills, understanding and knowledge extremely well. They are very well prepared for life in modern Britain.
  • The headteacher ensures that pupils’ progress is tracked and analysed exceptionally well. This information is shared with staff and enables teaching to be precisely focused on the needs of each pupil. Learning activities are skilfully designed so that pupils are challenged. Where underachievement is identified, support is swiftly provided and progress is monitored closely. Progress data also enable leaders to hold teachers to account and provide support and challenge as appropriate.
  • By the end of Key Stage 2, disadvantaged pupils attain extremely well in reading, writing and mathematics when compared with other children nationally. When compared with other children within the school, over time the outcomes have been a little variable. There has been significant improvement over the last year, particularly in reading, but small gaps remain in writing and mathematics. School leaders are aware of this.
  • Procedures for keeping pupils safe and secure are of the highest quality.
  • The Early Years Foundation Stage provides an excellent start for children. High-quality teaching provides extremely effective and structured learning. This means that children make outstanding progress. By the time they complete the Reception Year, children are excellently prepared for Year 1.

Please click here to view the school’s latest Ofsted Report