The history curriculum has been thoughtfully designed to ensure that children are able to build upon their own experiences, existing knowledge, along with the concepts of Leadership, Legacy and Perspective.  Each lesson focuses on one of these concepts, enabling children to draw upon their existing understanding of a theme in order to make sense of new knowledge.

There is a focus on learning about key events in history, significant people from the past and how this has helped to shape the world today. A dedicated effort has been made to ensure that children learn about a diverse range of people from the past and their great achievements.  Children are given the opportunity to learn about the past from a range of sources and develop their own enquiry skills.

Opportunities are planned for children to recap their previous learning and make connections to the new learning within a topic. The design of the curriculum ensures that children are able to systematically build upon what they already know, making connections between events and people from the past.

History Learning Journey