In the increasingly global world, the Mayflower Federation recognises the benefit for its pupils to know more than one language.  We utilise many different opportunities to develop pupil’s use of language across the curriculum.  We believe that this is a fundamental skill in order to enhance effective communication.  When a child learns a second language, they indirectly absorb the mechanics of language.  This makes them better at grasping the quirks of English grammar, improves their listening skills and makes them more effective communicators.  We recognise the value that learning a new language contributes to the development of memory, speech and sensory processing. Alongside this, children will be developing vital listening skills, which will support speech and language development. Having a wide range of languages spoken at the school, with a large population of Spanish speaking children, we wanted to enhance community cohesion amongst our pupils.

The best way for a child to learn to understand a new language is for them to hear people speaking it fluently.  Therefore, we employ a specialist Spanish teacher, who is a native Spanish speaker with qualified teacher status.  The children are consequently able to pick up the sounds and the natural accent as part of their Spanish learning.

The teaching of Spanish provides an appropriate balance of spoken and written language. Lessons are differentiated for fluent Spanish speakers and children who are new to learning the language.

Spanish Learning Journey