The geography curriculum has been designed so that children learn about their local area before travelling further afield and studying a range of cities, countries and continents around the world. Counties have been selected with purpose, giving children the opportunity to learn about the human and physical geographical features of places in the world  that have personal links to the pupils of the Mayflower Federation.

Opportunities are planned for children to use a range of maps and sources to find out more about different lands, as well as opportunities to carry out field work- both locally and in a Kent village.

The geography curriculum allows children to learn about some of the countries in all of the seven continents; gives the opportunity to make comparisons between different places in the world; understand their own place in the world as a global citizen and the impact that they can have. The concepts of People, Place and Global Citizenship are central to the curriculum and lessons focus on these themes- building on children’s understanding of physical features, human impact, trade and climate change.

Geography Learning Journey