Values and Ethos

Our federation recognises the potential of every individual to achieve excellence. We strive to positively address underachievement and have very high expectations for all members of our school community. We work very hard to creatively remove barriers to achievement and raise self-esteem. We are determined to create a true meaningful partnership with the whole school community.

Everyone works to provide a welcoming, calm, happy and purposeful atmosphere. Consideration, encouragement of positive role models, respect for others, their property and the environment are our priorities. We aim to deliver a broad, balanced and enriched curriculum in an optimum learning environment that is attractive, stimulating informative and instils a sense of pride.

The Federation’s Objectives:

From our stated aims, the whole school community works to achieve the following:

  • A happy, calm and nurturing school community
  • A highly stimulating learning environment
  • Mutual respect and understanding
  • An inclusive education free from discrimination
  • Encouragement to make informed and responsible choices about how we behave and the impact of this on others
  • Very high standards and expectations/ intolerance of underachievement
  • Access to an exciting, progressive and varied curriculum
  • Development of self-motivation, independence, independence, positive attitudes and confidence
  • Provide positive and diverse role-models.

Core Values of the Mayflower Federation

The Mayflower Federation is committed to fostering an inclusive and holistic learning environment that prioritises the well-being of our pupils and staff.  To achieve this, we have established a set of core values that serve as guiding principles in all aspects of our educational practices.  These core values shape the culture of our schools and guide our decision-making processes.  They form part of how we support children’s personal development.

The Mayflower Federation ensures that these core values permeate throughout our curriculum and practices ensuring that the values are promoted and reinforced regularly.  These principles are directly linked to British values and empower our pupils to become responsible, compassionate, and successful global citizens.  By actively incorporating these values into our daily interactions and overall school culture, we create an environment that fosters personal growth, mutual respect, and positive relationships.

Core Values:

  1. Kindness:
    We promote a culture of kindness and empathy, treating others with compassion and respect. We encourage acts of kindness towards one another, fostering a supportive and understanding community.  We prioritise the social, emotional, and physical well-being of our students and staff.
  2. Respect:
    We value and celebrate the diversity of our community.  All members of our school community, will be treated with dignity, fairness, and empathy.  Discrimination, harassment, and bullying of any kind shall not be tolerated.  We cultivate an atmosphere of respect where every individual is appreciated.  We encourage open dialogue, active listening, and understanding different perspectives.  We promote an environment where respect and equality are fundamental.
  3. Responsibility:
    We instil a sense of responsibility in our pupils, helping them develop the skills to make thoughtful choices and take ownership of their actions. We aim to create a community where students demonstrate responsibility towards themselves, others, and the environment.
  4. Effort and Perseverance:
    We encourage our students to embrace challenges and strive for their personal best. We believe in fostering a growth mindset that emphasises effort, resilience, and perseverance. We celebrate achievements and the progress made by each individual.
  5. Active Listening:
    We believe that active listening is vital for effective communication and collaboration.  We emphasise the importance of actively listening to one another, valuing everyone’s voice and perspective.  We encourage constructive feedback and open discussion to create a positive and inclusive learning environment.
  6. Calmness:
    We promote a calm and peaceful atmosphere within our schools.  We teach strategies to manage stress, conflicts, and emotions effectively.  By fostering a sense of calmness, we create an environment conducive to learning, growth, and well-being.
  7. Independence:
    We encourage our pupils to develop independence by taking initiative, thinking critically, and making informed decisions.  We empower them to take ownership of their learning, develop self-reliance, resilience, and embrace opportunities for personal growth.
  8. Politeness:
    We promote a culture of politeness and good manners, where kindness and respect are shown in all interactions.  We teach the importance of using polite language, demonstrating courteous behaviour, and treating others with dignity and consideration.
  9. Helpfulness:
    We cultivate helpfulness and encourage our pupils to support and assist one another.  We instil in them the importance of being thoughtful and considerate towards their peers, teachers, and the wider community.  We believe that acts of kindness and generosity can create a positive impact on others.
  10. Patience:
    We value patience as a virtue and teach the importance of being calm and understanding.  We encourage children to develop patience in their interactions with others, to be patient with themselves when faced with challenges, and to appreciate the value of perseverance.

How the core values are taught at the Mayflower Federation

  • An animal theme has been introduced as this supports children to learn each value in an age-appropriate way.
  • Stories about the animal characters learning the desired behaviour provide a safe space for children to explore the emotions and make links to their own lives. This further supports pupils to develop an understanding of the behaviour linked to the value being taught and how they themselves can demonstrate it.
  • Over the year, each core value has a dedicated assembly. This allows for in-depth exploration and understanding of each value.  Children are rewarded for exemplifying the core value being discussed, which motivates them to actively practice and internalise the core values.
  • Mnemonic rhymes and chants introduced in assemblies support the children to learn the vocabulary associated with each behaviour.
  • Rewards directly linked to each value are given to the children to reinforce their understanding of the positive behaviour they demonstrated.