Art and Design

Our curriculum is designed to engage, inspire, and challenge pupils and is taught by a specialist teacher. Our Art and Design curriculum equips children with the knowledge and skills needed to experiment and be creative. Through the progression of the school children become confident and proficient in a variety of techniques. Our curriculum encompasses the key skills of developing ideas, drawing, painting, 3D, printmaking, texture, pattern, colour, line, tone, art through technology, and responding to art. We want children to learn from the process of working creatively and to become more confident in creating their own works. Our Art and Design curriculum seeks to give pupils an understanding of how art impacts and enriches our world by exposing the children to a range of artists and designers. At The Mayflower Federation children learn how being creative is part of being human. As pupils progress, they should be able to think critically and develop a more informed understanding of Art and Design. All children in school can speak confidently about their Art and Design work, comparing it to that of their peers and analysing their skills. Children are enthusiastic when giving their opinion on their own work as well as the work of others. The curriculum is built around the key concepts of Inspiration, Creativity and Critique giving children the opportunity to make connections between different artists, types of art and their own creations.

Art Learning Journey