Home Learning

The school is committed to providing continuity of education in the event of a school closure. Learners will engage in a process of remote (online) learning. Extensive remote learning will apply in the event of the school being closed for an extended period of time.

The primary platform the school will use to deliver continuity of education is Microsoft Teams. This platform is accessed via the relevant app or desktop application, or via the following URL: https://teams.microsoft.com

Microsoft Teams is a platform that allows for resources to be shared, teachers to provide exposition, and learners to ask questions in ‘real-time’. Learners will be provided with detailed sessions, and will be expected to participate in them if they are asked and able to. Live sessions can be particularly helpful as they allow communication with learners and opportunities to respond to teachers’ questions via the conversation functionality in Teams.

The school will endeavour to follow any up-to-date guidance and expectations set by the government. This includes when education for children is not optional whilst at home. It is important that during a period of school closure or extended isolation, children are not disadvantaged by missing learning opportunities.  Whilst remote learning cannot replicate the learning experiences our students have when they are in the school building, remote learning will  ensure that children will be able to continue to learn and progress with access to the same breadth of curriculum as they would have had, if they were at school.

In order to ensure that children have access to a broad and balanced, high-quality curriculum, they will be expected to attend 3-4 online lessons a day via Microsoft Teams.  Attendance for these lessons is mandatory, as will be submitting completed work.

Learners will be provided with a school email address to avoid any issues regarding GDPR; there will be no expectation for parents/carers or learners to provide their own email addresses for use.

Children Learning from Home

During the event of a school closure, teachers will continuing to do their very best to ensure that children can keep up to date with their learning. Each day, teachers will be online to deliver lessons, activities and provide feedback to the children.

Children can access these lessons via Microsoft Teams-all children have their own login and password. Should you need this information, please contact the school office.

It is the school’s expectation that all children attend their virtual lessons and complete the work set by their teacher. The school has a limited number of laptops which can be provided to families who do not have access to one; we are continuing to look for further resources to support more families with regards to this.

In the event of a child or adult testing positive for Covid-19 within a bubble, the bubble will shut immediately and all members of the bubble will need to isolate in line with the government guidance. In the event of a bubble shutting, the children will be able to continue to access their education via Microsoft Teams whilst isolating-if they are well enough to do so.

Should parents need any further support or resources to enable their child to continue their learning at home, the school office remains open and can be contacted and the school’s full Remote Learning Policy can be found here.