Attendance and Term Dates

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Ilderton Primary School: Attendance and Punctuality

The Mayflower Federation is committed to ensuring that children receive an education that they are entitled to. In order to make this happen, we have exceptionally high standards when it comes to attendance and punctuality and fully expected parents/ carers to support the school in making sure that all children arrive in school every day and on time. As a school, we celebrate children’s successful attendance through weekly assemblies and certificates for high attendance at key points of the year.

Please refer to our attendance policy for more information.

  • What constitutes excellent attendance?

All children should be aiming for an average attendance figure of 96% – 100%. Attendance information is given during parents’ evenings each term, as well as an overall percentage at the end of the academic year on your child’s report. Attendance is monitored weekly by the school and should there be any concerns regarding any child’s attendance, then a meeting will be arranged to discuss attendance and targets set.

  • What should I do if my child is unwell?

If you child is too unwell to attend school, please ring the school and leave a message on the appropriate messaging service.

If your child is unwell for three days on more in any consecutive period, we request that you provide medical proof to the school office.

  • What should I do if my child is going to be late?

Every effort should be made to ensure that children are in school for the start of the school day. Should there be an occasion that your child is going to be late in school, please follow the below process:

After 9:00am but before 9:15am: Please enter through the school gate as normal, ensuring you register your child on the gate with a member of staff. A ticket will be issued that your child should give to their class teacher.

After 9:15am but before 9:30am: Please report to the main office to sign your child in, giving clear reason why your child is late to a member of staff.

After 9:30am: Please contact the main office via telephone to explain the reason for your child’s lateness. When arriving at the school, please report to the main office, providing reason and clarification as to why your child is late. Please provide any evidence (ie medical/ appointment).

  • What should I do if I need to take my child out of school early or for a sustained period of time?

Taking children out of school should be seen as a last resort and alternative provision should be exhausted before taking the option to take your child out of the school day or for long periods of time. Please make sure you speak with the headteacher or senior member of staff should there be circumstances where this may need to happen.

If you are required to travel abroad in emergency circumstances, an application should be made for term time leave. Application forms are available via the school office and any supporting documents should be provided to support that it is an exceptional circumstance. The headteacher will not authorise any term-time holidays.

  • Who should I contact if I have any concerns regarding attendance?

Should you have any questions regarding attendance then please do not hesitate to contact Ms Askins, headteacher or Ms Reefer, Child Protection and Family Services Officer, who will be happy to discuss your child’s attendance with you.

The School Day

Children are in school from 9:00am to 3:30pm. The total number of hours children spend in school per week is 32.5 hours.


8.55-9.15: Settling in/Registration

9.15-9.30: Welcome time – Carpet 1

9.30-10.50: Choosing time/ Focus groups  and interventions

10.50-11.00: Tidy up time

11.00-11.15: Carpet session 2

11.30-12.30:  Lunchtime

12.30-13.30: Lunchtime play outside

13.30-13.45: Carpet session 3

13.50-14.40: Choosing time / I Can Talk

14.40-15.00: Tidy  up time

15.00-15.30: End of Day Carpet time


9:00 – 9:25 – Phonics (Carpet)

9:25 –11:15 – Adult Focus/ Free Flow

11.15-11: 45: Maths ( Carpet)

11:45 – 12:45 – Lunch

12.45 – 1:25:  Shared Reading/ Writing (Carpet)

1.25 – 3:00:  Adult Focus / Free Flow

3.00 – 3:30 – Story Time / Topic

Key Stage 1

8:50: Gates Open

8.50-9.00: Basic skills in Maths, Reading and SPaG

9:00: Registration

9:00– 9:30: Reading

9.30-10.15: Phonics/ SPaG

10.15-10.30: Assembly

10.30-10.45: Exercise Time

10.45-11.45:  Topic

11.45-12.45 : Lunch

12.45 –1.45: Maths

1.45-2.45  Curriculum session

2.45-3.15 – Curriculum session

3.15-3:30 Reading for Pleasure/ End of Day