Year 5 Art

Year 5 have been learning about World War I and what life was like on the front line and in the trenches.

Jacqueline Hurley is an artist who has created a War Poppy Collection.  Jacqueline paints in both expressionism and impressionism styles. Her original works are painted in acrylic, using texture to create mood and depth, with red remembrance poppies against gritty impressionistic landscapes. Her paintings feature silhouettes which help her audience connect with the works in a more personal, emotional and sentimental way; encouraging the people she paints for to relate to the subjective nature of the paintings. More can be found out about her work here.

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Below are a few resources to help you create your own War Poppy piece of art. You could use them or design your own inspired piece of work, using paint, collage, textures, silhouettes.

Remembrance Day Silhouette Art

Poppy Art Worksheet

Anzac Day Poppy Themed Mindfulness Colouring Sheets