End of Year Expectations

Information with regards to the typical expectation that children should have achieved in their current year group is listed below (please click on the relevant year group).

Within this information, you will find key objectives that children should typically be able to achieve n their year group that they are currently in now. Over the summer, this may help to give you further ideas of how you can support your child. An overview would have been sent to you via post, for the year group that your child was in this year. However, if you find that those objectives are too hard or too easy they you will be able to look at and use a different year group’s overview (listed below) that may be more suited to your child’s level. In September, your child’s new class teacher will use these documents to assess all children in their class to assist them in supporting your child to make as much progress as possible.


Year Group Expectations 

Nursery Expected Standard

Reception Expected Standard

Year 1 Expected Standard

Year 2 Expected Standard

Year 3 Expected Standard

Year 4 Expected Standard

Year 5 Expected Standard

Year 6 Expected Standard