Year 6 D&T


This term, Year 6 would have learnt about different sewing techniques and learnt about different textiles. Below are different upcycling ideas for things old clothes and materials you may have at home.

Selecting Fabrics Worksheet

Denim Bowl 

Recycled Clothes Wreath

T Shirt Bag

Rag Rug


Year 6 Science

This term Year 6 have been learning about the science of Evolution in their Topic learning. There are several resources in the Year 6 Topic area to support this learning.

Below are some resources and activities that will help consolidate previous learning in their last science unit of work.



Light Unit Pack

Light Key Information

Home Learning Tasks

How We See Things


Spectacular Spectrum

Recognising Light Travels in Straight Lines

Light and Shadows

Shadow Theatre

Seeing Colours

Early Morning Science Activities

Escape the Room Game

Year 6 Maths

Maths Revision Booklet

Factors, Multiples, Prime Numbers

Multiplication and Division Word Problems

Long Division

Adding and Subtracting


Maths Reasoning Pack

Activity Mats

Percentages Key Facts

Fraction, Decimals and Percentages

Ratio and Proportion 

Greater Depth Maths

Properties of Shapes

Mean Averages

Perimeter, Area and Volume Key Facts

Area of a Triangle

Algebra PowerPoint

Algebra Key Facts

Algebra Booklet

Fractions Key Facts

Multiplying Fractions

Dividing Fractions

Key Stage 2 Interactive Games


Year 6 Literacy


60 Second Bumper Activity Pack

Comprehension Pack

Revision Pack

Revision Pack

Michael Morpurgo Reading Comprehension

The Story of Easter Comprehension 

The Highwayman Pack



Easter Activity Booklet 

SPaG Activity Mats

Clauses Worksheet

Practice SPaG Test

Adverbials for Cohesion Word Mat

Passive Voice Word Mat

Correct the Spellings

Grammar Game

Writing Task Pack

Story Settings

Creative Writing Morning Activities 



Year 6 Topic

This term Year 6 have been learning about Evolution. Below are different activities and resources that will help to continue their studies on this topic.

Evolution Pack

Key Knowledge

Evolution and Adaptation PowerPoint

Charles Darwin PowerPoint

Charles Darwin Research Worksheet

Voyage of the Beagle Worksheet


Human Evolution

Evolution and Inheritance Pack

Theory of Evolution


Word Search



Year 5 Art

Year 5 have been learning about World War I and what life was like on the front line and in the trenches.

Jacqueline Hurley is an artist who has created a War Poppy Collection.  Jacqueline paints in both expressionism and impressionism styles. Her original works are painted in acrylic, using texture to create mood and depth, with red remembrance poppies against gritty impressionistic landscapes. Her paintings feature silhouettes which help her audience connect with the works in a more personal, emotional and sentimental way; encouraging the people she paints for to relate to the subjective nature of the paintings. More can be found out about her work here.

Image result for jaquline hurley

Below are a few resources to help you create your own War Poppy piece of art. You could use them or design your own inspired piece of work, using paint, collage, textures, silhouettes.

Remembrance Day Silhouette Art

Poppy Art Worksheet

Anzac Day Poppy Themed Mindfulness Colouring Sheets

Year 5 Maths

Maths Revision Pack

Division and Multiplication

Multiplication and Division Inverse

Place Value

Practice Arithmetic Test


Fractions Knowledge Organiser

Fraction Wall

Decimals Knowledge Organiser

Fractions and Decimals


Multistep Problems

Interactive Games

This is a great time to practise these and there are lots of fun ways to do it. Below are some games you can play together to help learn all of the facts. Spend 10 minutes a day practising and by the time we get back to school, you will be a times table champion.

Times Tables Games

Snakes and Ladders 6, 7, 8, 9 Tables

Snakes and Ladders 2, 3, 4 and 5 Tables

Board Games

Times Tables Colouring Sheets

More Times Tables Colouring Sheets

Dice Games

Year 5 Literacy

Year 5 have been looking at poetry this half term, especially those about World War I. Below are some resources to help further this learning, why not try writing your own poem about a soldier in the trenches.

The History of War Poets

In Flanders Field

Poetry Planning Worksheet

Poppy Acrostic Poem



60 Second Reading

Reading Comprehension Pack

Non Fiction Reading Comprehension 

The Sun Reading Comprehension 

The Moon Reading Comprehension 



Spring Activity Book

Up Levelling Sentences

Activity Mats

Practice Test

Correct the Spelling Mistake

Suspense and Mystery Text

Creative Writing Tasks

Spelling Check List (Try to learn all of these spellings to be well prepared for Year 6)

Expanded Noun Phrases

Active to Passive

Year 5 Topic

Year 5 have been learning about World War I this term. Below are resources and activities that will help them continue their studies in this topic.

World War 1 Facts and Information

First World War Worksheets

Why Did the War Start?

Reading Comprehensions 

Life in the Trenches

The First World War eBook

Write a Letter from a Soldier

Letter Template

I See, I Think, I Wonder

War Memorials

Remembrance Day Information

Remembrance Day Reading

Poppy Page Border

Soldier’s Care Box

Year 5 Science

Year 5 have been learning about forces this term. Below are a different resources and activities that will help them continue their studies in this topic.

Forces Resource Pack

Key Forces Knowledge


Forces in Action

Types of Forces

Friction Lesson Pack

Friction Worksheet

Paper Helicopter Investigation

Isaac Newton

Water Resistance

Marvellous Mechanisms